Comprehensive Dentistry

Dentistry for a Lifetime!

Comprehensive Dentistry Seattle

We take the time at each visit to review your current dental and medical conditions and any medications you are taking that may affect our ability to care for you. We will discuss options to get you on the path towards improved dental health. We provide you with the necessary information and tools to start and give you encouragement and feedback along the way.

Customized Treatment Plans

We offer customized treatment plans based on each individual’s needs. The treatment options are presented, pros and cons of each choice are discussed, and your questions are answered. Ultimately YOU make the educated choice as to which treatment is best for your individual situation. We are here to support you in maintaining your dental and overall health for a lifetime!

Committed to Your Dental Health

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We have had many patients turn themselves around. Through consistency, diligence and focus they have gotten their work completed and are now in maintenance. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment! They feel good and look great! We are absolutely committed to your health and wellbeing and make the process affordable and as painless as possible. We also do our best to make the entire experience an enjoyable and relaxing experience one. Here are some testimonials from several of our patients who have experienced the joy of achieving dental health!

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