Cosmetic Dentistry

Crystal Springs Dental offers cosmetic dentistry in Bothell and Seattle Area

Use cosmetic dentistry to keep your smile beautiful!

Teeth Whitening Bothell WA

In Office Tooth Whitening

In office and home teeth whitening- a very safe, predictable and permanent way to lighten your teeth. (photo of before and after bleaching) It is safe and does not damage your teeth. Ask us if you would be a good candidate for whitening.

Veneers Seattle Dentist

Natural Colored Crowns and Veneers

Natural looking tooth colored crowns and veneers. The newer ceramic crowns are so life like that no one will know it is not your natural tooth.


Dentures that fit and look very natural. No one will know that they are not your real teeth. These are not your grandparent’s dentures! Create that perfect smile you always wanted! Ask us about the steps and we will work with you to give your smile a second chance.

Natural Colored Fillings, Implant Crowns & Bridges

These fillings blend in with your natural tooth so there is no way to tell that you have fillings when you open your mouth. Tooth colored bridges look and feel like your own teeth. Tooth colored implant crowns replace missing teeth and that look and function just like your own teeth.


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